Goyen Mecair


Particles in emission outlet streams of various manufacturing processes need to be measured to meet health, safety and environmental regulations. The Goyen Mecair range of Particulate Emission Probes such as the FFD, and the FFA , use a unique probe electrification technology which outperforms conventional triboelectric systems for emissions monitoring and broken bag detection.


Goyen | Mecair Filter Failure Alarm FFA
Goyen | Mecair Filter Failure Detector FFD


  • Dramatically reduce downtime
    -Thanks to reliable and effective monitoring of your baghouse filtering performances
    -Dual alarm set points to detect and anticipate filter failures due to (i.e.) broken bags
  • Better overview
    -All models feature a 4-20mA output
    -The FFA features an easy to use external control unit with color display
  • Sensitive dependable measurement
    -Unaffected by build-up of particulate on the sensing rod
    -Alarm delay and data averaging user selectable to avoid false alarms
  • Wide operating range
    -Flue gases temperature can range from -20°C (-4°F) up to +250°C (+482°F)
    -Ambient temperature can range from -20°C (-4°F) up to +55°C (+131°F)
    -Dust level response from <1 mg/m3 to 500mg/m3
  • Certified to meet your needs
     -US-EPA MACT compliant (FFA only)



The FFD, and FFA utilize a unique probe electrification technology which provides much better performances than conventional DC triboelectric systems as well as alternative AC systems. This allows extending the velocity range over which the system has no cross sensitivity to changing velocity. Thanks to that technology, Goyen | Mecair probes are also unaffected by build-up of particulate on the sensing rod, thus eliminating signal drift concerns.
A charge signature is induced by particulates in the airstream interacting with the sensing rod. All three devices extract a specific frequency band from the induced AC current signature and filter out the DC current generated by direct particle collisions. In order to reject signals falling outside a pre-defined frequency range, the so resulting signal is electronically filtered, that is why these units are less susceptible to changes in particle velocity and are not affected by any particulate contamination on the sensing rod.

Also this technology, not relying on particles colliding with the probe, is able to measure a more representative area of the stack and eliminate the need of long sensor probe rods.
Thanks to the alarm delay feature, by properly setting the delay period, the system will exclude short term signal increases associated with pulse cleaning of filters.


The FFD, and FFA heads are typically mounted through the wall of a duct carrying the moving particles so that the probe is exposed to the particles. The gas stream often exhausts to atmosphere (such as in a stack), but these emission monitors are equally suited to detecting particles in motion in a gas stream under other conditions, for example pneumatically-conveyed or gravity-fed particles.


Pentair Goyen | Mecair FFD, and FFA Particulate Emission Probes are used around the world to measure particle concentrations and detect filter failures from various configurations: bag filters, cartridge filters, ceramic candles filters but also cyclone separators and others. 

These Particulate Emission Probes are used in all types of industries and processes, including:

  • cement production 
  • steel production
  • waste to energy plants
  • coal fired power plants
  • mining applications 
  • silo and conveyor systems
  • bulk goods handling 
  • general industrial dust collection
  • improving indoor workplace air quality 
  • preventing harmful emissions


All Pentair products are backed by an experienced team of engineers able to provide unmatched levels of customer support with technical services and practical tools. The award-winning (ABA100) GOCO is a diagnostic and system modelling service for your reverse pulse filter cleaning systems. As it can optimize system parameters at the touch of a button, GOCO takes all guesswork out of engineering filter cleaning systems. It also ensures optimum performance and extends the lifespan of your filters. Simply contact us to get started with GOCO.



  • Atex zone 2 (Gas) and 22 (Dust)

  • Atex zone 2 (Gas) and 22 (Dust)
  • US-EPA MACT compliant


Product type

Filter Failure Alarm
Filter Failure Detection


Brochure filter failure alarm
Leaflet filter failure detection