Pilot valves & Enclosures

Enclosures for hazardous locations

Pentair’s Goyen and Mecair enclosures for hazardous locations are certified to be dust and gas explosion proof and will protect your pilot valves even in the most extreme conditions.

Enclosures for non-hazardous locations

Pentair’s Goyen and Mecair enclosures for non-hazardous locations offer  protection for your pilot valves and were specifically designed for reliable piloting of filter cleaning system valves.

Hazardous Pilot-Pex-PXA

Pentair’s hazardous pilot PEX/PXA is certified to be explosion-proof, ensuring safe and reliable piloting of every valve in your filter cleaning system even in extremely hazardous locations.

Pilot valves

Goyen and Mecair solenoid pilot valves depend on rugged design and reliable technology to ensure consistent fail-safe actuation of the valves in your dust collector filter cleaning system.