Goyen and Mecair products

Header tank systems


Our complete header tank systems for dust collectors include the Full Immersion system with optimized air flow, custom-engineered systems, and the Air Cannon for dust dislodging applications.

Pulse jet valves


The Goyen DD-series and Mecair 300 series, designed for filter cleaning in dust collectors and baghouses, are diaphragm valves with dresser nut connection ports for reverse pulse jet system.


The Goyen FS-series are flanged diaphragm valves for reverse pulse jet systems, and the best option when you use square tanks and prefer weldless flange connections.

Manifold Flat & Round Mount Valves

The full immersion manifold flat & round mount valves of the Goyen MM, MR & CPV, Mecair 400 series, and the the Goyen Mecair 500G series deliver the most powerful air pulse in tank systems for reverse pulse jet filter cleaning.

Threaded Valves

The Goyen T series and the Mecair 200 series are diaphragm valves with threaded ports specifically designed for the filter cleaning of dust collectors and baghouses in reverse pulse jet systems.

Pilot valves & Enclosures

Enclosures for hazardous locations

Pentair’s Goyen and Mecair enclosures for hazardous locations are certified to be dust and gas explosion proof and will protect your pilot valves even in the most extreme conditions.

Enclosures for non-hazardous locations

Pentair’s Goyen and Mecair enclosures for non-hazardous locations offer  protection for your pilot valves and were specifically designed for reliable piloting of filter cleaning system valves.

Hazardous Pilot-Pex-PXA

Pentair’s hazardous pilot PEX/PXA is certified to be explosion-proof, ensuring safe and reliable piloting of every valve in your filter cleaning system even in extremely hazardous locations.

Pilot valves

Goyen and Mecair solenoid pilot valves depend on rugged design and reliable technology to ensure consistent fail-safe actuation of the valves in your dust collector filter cleaning system.

Filter cleaning controllers


Goyen and Mecair set the global standard in filter cleaning controls. The product range covers everything from standalone systems to systems with 360 outputs, in continuous mode or on-demand mode.

Diagnostic & system modelling service


GOCO Performance Optimization software is a valued engineering and modeling tool for optimizing the performance and lifespan of filter cleaning systems.

Filter cleaning accessories


Pentair blowtube nozzles and cartridge cleaning cones ensure highly efficient filter cleaning with reverse pulse jet air, balancing air flow and minimizing pressure drops through blowtube holes.


Pentair bulkhead connectors deliver a quick and easy way to create safe and leakage-free piping connections in the reverse pulse jet air cleaning of dust collection systems.

Particulate Emission monitors


Pentair Goyen Particulate Emission Monitors continuously measure particulate flow in process gasses.

Pneumatic controllers


Pneumatic control valves are widely used to operate and automate industrial production and processing equipment. Pentair is a leading manufacturer of high-quality pneumatic products.

Industrial Pneumatic Valves


Pentair’s direct lift valves, 2-way valves, and 3-way valves are the durable and dependable choice for controlling the flow of gases, fuels, light oils, water, and air. The Goyen and Mecair valves suit hydraulic and pneumatic operation, and cover a wide pressure and flow range.