Well over eighty years ago, the Goyen brand name was launched with the Goyen Controls Company, an innovative Australian-based industrial valves manufacturer. The valve business and the company grew steadily and Goyen became the global market leader in particulate filtration cleaning systems.

The company history explains Goyen’s continuous development and excellent reputation. In the 1970s Goyen entered the relatively new market of Reverse Pulse Jet filter cleaning in dust collectors. Technical innovation, commercial agility, and rapid product development saw Goyen replace ASCO Valve (Emerson) as industry leader during the 1980s. Continuous innovation in product and process secured Goyen’s strong market position for another decade.

Goyen developed the GOCO software in the early 1990s. This acclaimed tool not only helps leverage Pentair technical know-how, industrial experience, and application expertise, but also supports sales and client relationships. In the mid-1990s Goyen acquired Mecair, the number one European valve manufacturer based in Milan, Italy. And in the late 1990’s, Goyen opened a Shanghai office and became the number one fabric filter cleaning supplier to China’s steel, cement, and energy markets.

Now that Pentair and Goyen Mecair have joined forces, together they serve particulate filter cleaning needs around the world, from Europe to the Americas, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. Leading manufacturers and filtration system users in a wide range of industries are benefiting from their engineering expertise. The 2000s also witnessed the development of complementary system components such as control equipment. 

The customer service offered by the Pentair team is unparalleled in the industry. No other company active in designing and delivering particulate filtration systems has such a large, experienced, and proactive engineering team. No other company keeps finding ways to reduce costs and improve operations. Our engineers design new cleaning systems and remodel existing systems to optimize performance. They also assist with project management, product certifications and sales support.

Pentair invests heavily in engineering to keep Goyen and Mecair at the forefront of particulate filter cleaning, and to continue the quest for even better service and products. Whether their engineering innovations led to smaller or cheaper or more powerful components, they have always significantly improved results for customers. With eight decades of experience and counting, the future looks bright for Pentair Goyen Mecair.