Protect your (customer’s) most important asset, the employees, against wood dust particles. Our products are used by the world’s leading manufacturers of dust collectors to clean the filters with reverse pulse jet systems.



Wood dust is collected by the inlets of the dust collector to clean the air within the production environment


  • Experience & knowledge
    -Leading technology since 1935
  • Environmental compliance
    -Occupational health & safety
    -Reduced emissions
  • Strong product portfolio & engineered solutions
    -From valves and electronics to custom-made complete header tanks  
  • Superior performance coupled to cost savings
    -Optimized air flow reduces energy consumption
    -Extended filter life reduces dust collector operating costs
    -Extensively tested valves and components with low maintenance requirements
  • Service & expertise
    -Easily optimize your product performance with our Goco tool
    -Quickly replace components from a comprehensive spare parts portfolio


Pentair’s Goyen and Mecair solutions are specifically designed for the reverse pulse jet filter cleaning of dust collectors and baghouses in locations with a high risk of dust and gas explosions. These include all variations of bag filters, cartridge filters, envelope filters, ceramic filters and sintered metal fiber filters. 
Their tough and reliable construction makes them perfectly suited for both noxious and environmental dust collection applications in a wide range of industries, including: 
• Cement dust collection
• Mining dust collection
• Silo/bulk materials handling dust collection
• Industrial dust collection
• Power industry: protection of boilers and gas turbine intake filter systems


ATEX, CSA, UL, CE, ASME, PED, and other certifications upon request

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