As a Pentair partner, you are part of a growing community that is sharing knowledge and expertise. Fully leveraging the advantages of the Partner Program will boost sales and business development. New insights can lead to new horizons, small tweaks to big improvements. In any case, access to the right information and support will help you to accelerate projects, enhance products, and decrease time to market.

A partnership with Pentair helps to improve your products and services, gain a competitive edge and build customer loyalty. Being in the Partner Program brings all of us many benefits, some more obvious than others. Often overlooked are the growing opportunities to work together, share ideas and know-how, and create new solutions for target markets or specific customer needs. 

The Partner Program is a way to grow a network of knowledge partners. Everyone can then benefit by growing their own commercial networks and opportunities. Pentair offers partners access to its resources and expertise. Pentair partners can count on much more than news about innovations and product releases. Inspiring projects will be highlighted in our magazines and digital newsletters. The technical webinars are popular educational events. The Partner Portal gives you access to product details, including technical specifications and drawings, digital tools, and training information.  

For many years, Pentair has been sharing technical knowledge in training sessions. These dedicated client meetings constitute an intensive learning environment. Pentair University offers a quick and efficient way to develop your abilities and become an expert. 

Sharing knowledge with your customers is always appreciated and strengthens relationships. Pentair partners can count on support in setting up customer events. Your customers will be informed and educated about Pentair technology and solutions in their industry or region.

It almost goes without saying that our services are intended for all of our customers, not just for those in the Partner Program. Nevertheless, partners have the inside track when it comes to dividing our attention and setting priorities. The value of extensive knowledge and experience becomes clearly visible in the high-quality contributions our engineers can make to the flawless operation of your filtration installations. Their help makes the difference in terms of quality, safety, efficiency and reliability.

The Partnership Program demonstrates Pentair’s commitment to knowledge sharing. Our services have attained superior quality over the years, and our partners can use them to drive results such as higher efficiency, reliability, and productivity. With an unique combination of practical know-how, sales enabling resources, technical and business support, we offer everything you need to deliver exceptional value to customers.